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Best Car drying tool

Today we're gonna have a look at the best car drying tool you can ever get. This powerful tool helps to remove water from gaps, side mirrors wheels and so on. I found this tool very handy in drying honey comb grills, Audi lovers know why :) Instead of spending time on drying grill with cloth you simply blow the water of in a few seconds.

If drying with cloth, no matter how much time you will spend there will be spaces you wont be able to dry, which means water marks will be left and you won't get your desired results. Black trimming if cleaned properly gives your vehicle a sharp look, so it is very important to do it right. This blower is very handy in drying wheels and tyres as well. There is no need to wait till tyres dry out so you could easily apply the tyre dressing.

As you see it is not to big, easy to store and handle gives a good grip. Has a long cord, but in some cases extension lead will be needed. Of course it can be used for other things, like inflate kids pool or mattress.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tips "how to"

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